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The luxury and uniqueness of crafmanship

In Sweden, the earliest findings of embroidery are from the Viking Age, a period around the 9th and 10th centuries.

Swedish origins on my mother's side may explain my passion and dedication to the art of hand embroidery.

My father was Italian and I was born in Milan and raised between Milan and Tuscany where I had the good fortune to learn and internalize the love for art, beauty and craftsmanship.

When I was 6 years old, at home from school for not feeling well, I started to try to create something with needle and thread: and so the magic began.

I could often be found bent over my work for hours without effort: the wonder of creating an intricate design that magically rises out of a clear fabric all the while melding a series of colors and contours has always provided me with an innate sense of accomplishment and joy.


I have always held on to this passion and after about 20 years working in the television industry, I returned to this first love and created Thebabykitbox.

The idea behind this project is to give my customers the opportunity to create a unique, preciously personalized box of items chosen from a range of carefully selected Italian products that will then be customized with hand embroidery, creating unique gifts to share their loved ones.


I believe that only passion leads us to do our best in all things. This is what prompted me from the start and continues to drive me on a continuous search for the best Made in Italy products,  always guaranteeing the highest quality and value for every one of our creations.  



Finally, my personal touch shows in the attention to details, artistic touches, and the time devoted to the embroidery all driven by my passion to create something truly unique and refined.

Feel free to contact me and I look forward to sharing my creative passion with your joy of giving.

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