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Made in Italy 




Italian style and 



just for you


Packaged and delivered with the highest standards

The Materials we use :

Each item of our collections has been carefully selected from a series of Made in Italy ‘ready to hand-embroider’ products. These are purchased from a range of top producers who guarantee the highest quality both in terms of materials and assembly.

Tessuto di cotone bianco


Embroidery is added to these materials to decorate each chosen article creating a unique look and feel tailor-made to your request.  

Hand-embroidery of every item


The name of your loved one or even a meaning-full word is inscribed with great care and attention to detail in every aspects.

You yourself can choose what will be hand-embroidered on each item.

Our scented linen bags

Luxury Details

Each box contains a perfumed linen bag hand-made by us: the floral fragrance, fresh and intense, makes .every collection even more memorable

Fiore bianco
A baby boy newborn personalized set

The Box

Packed with care

Each gift is delivered in a hand-wrapped luxury box that is aimed at remaining a part of your cherished possessions.

A custom-crafted treasure to project the joy and wonder of welcoming the little member of the family.

Some of our hand-coated luxury boxes
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